Beverage Fountain Silver, 2 Gal


Holds 2 gallons of liquid

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2 Gal. Beverage Fountain Instructions

Dimensions: 18″ tall x 12.5″ wide

Operating Tips:

  • Position the fountain on a level and sturdy surface.
  • Plug the fountain in a non GFI grounded outlet.
  • Fill the fountain with at least have its capacity in the bowl of the fountain and turn it on.
  • If the beverage doesn’t circulate add more liquid or push the reset button on the GFI.
  • Do not fill the basin to the top.
  • Do not run the fountain dry / without liquid
  • Do not immerse the basin in water.

Beverage Tips:

  • Add dry ice to the basin of the fountain to create an smoky cocktail.
  • Chill beverages before adding it to the fountain.
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