A to Z offers an extensive selection of event flooring

and carpeting options for your venue or tent

From a strip of carpet to add a pop! of comfort or color down the aisle, to high impact carpeting for your entire tent, A To Z can give your event that wow factor.

Flooring is a commonly overlooked but important aspect in any event.

While great flooring can add wow factor to your look, its most important benefit is safety.  Proper flooring levels the playing field, giving guests in heels, senior guests, and disabled guests a more stable experience.

Phase 1.

  • Mercer Museum tent floor 1
  • WVWA tent floor 2
  • CTCA tent floor 1
  • Temp Parking lot tent setup


Phase 2.

  • temporary porta floor
  • VWVA tent floor 3
  • CTCA tent floor 2 subfloor
  • temporary floor for VIP 1


Phase 3.

  • Mercer Museum tent floor 2
  • 2016 Green Ribbon Gala
  • CTCA tent floor 3 finished
  • temporary floor for VIP 2
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