Dining Divider 7’10 H x 4’8″ W


made in america u.s.a.

This item is for Sale. Assembly Required.

Installation is not included.

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The Dining Divider is designed to partition patrons from one another and promote social distancing.  It features a cathedral window to provide separation while not feeling isolated.  This is an ideal solution for restaurants, cafeterias and bars that are faced with reduced capacity issue, the need to partition between tables to maximize seating and wanting to make their customers feel at ease when dining out.  Each partition hangs from existing supports in the restaurant or cafeteria’s ceiling making it a simple and easy installation.



  • Engineered specifically to perform for the hospitality industry
  • Adapts to virtually any configuration for more separate in open spaces
  • Cathedral window design adds stylish elegance
  • Easy to clean, sanitize and store away.
  • Lightweight, temporary option to create barriers
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Available in:

  • 7’ 10” tall x 6’6” wide – $188 each
  • 7’10”tall x 4’8” wide – $144 each

Installation is not included.  Quantity discounts are available.

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