Chocolate Fountain (Lg) FOR SALE


34″ tall with 3 tiers

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Only 1 unit available for sale.  Storage/Transport cases included.

This large chocolate fountain is 34″ in height with three tiers and weights 51lbs.  It is transported in two cases.  The unit will serve 150+ guests.  At a minimum 15 pounds of chocolate is needed to operate the fountain, maximum of 20 pounds.

Usage Tips:

  • Choose the location where you setup the chocolate fountain carefully:  Pick a location away from air conditioning ducts, swinging doors, dance floors, exterior doors, etc. If you are at a facility that dictates where you need to set up, be assertive if the location is bad. It will ruin the event. Being directly under A/C ducts is awful, as the cold air will actually cool the chocolate and it will start to harden and will flow terribly.
  • Don’t use the fountain outdoors: A gentle breeze will splash the falling chocolate.  Don’t forget about rain and insects.
  • Always setup your fountain on a sturdy surface and level the machine before operating: Leveling your chocolate fountain is a really simple task that takes a minute or two. Don’t think you can “eye” it, you can’t, use the level provided to you. Before chocolate is in the fountain, lay the level across the edge of the fountain’s bowl. Adjust the feet so the fountain is level. Repeat with the level at different sides of the bowl. The more accurate you are, the better the flow of the chocolate. A level fountain will allow the chocolate to flow evenly around the entire fountain.
  • Always preheat the fountain before adding chocolate: f the room is cool, the metal bowl and tiers will also be cool and when the chocolate is poured in, it can harden and not flow properly.
  • Air can get trapped in the auger tube blocking the flow of chocolate: Everything’s going great and after a little while the fountain stops flowing properly. More than likely, you either need to add more chocolate, or your fountain has gotten air trapped in the auger tube, making the chocolate flow uneven or curtain open.  Simply turn off the auger for around 10-15 seconds.  As the chocolate flows back down into the bowl from within the auger tube, you’ll probably notice air bubbles popping out of the chocolate. Turn the fountain back on and the problem should be cured.  If that doesn’t cure the problem, make sure that you leveled the fountain and are not setup under an air-conditioning vent or outside in the wind.
  • Don’t dip crumbly items or wet items in the fountain: Wet items will cause the chocolate to seize and crumbly items contaminate the chocolate.
  • Don’t leave chocolate in the fountain after you’re finished:  When it cools, it will harden. If someone turns on the auger with hardened chocolate in the fountain, it will burn out the motor.  Be sure to clean the fountain as soon as it is no longer in use.  Every part except the basin is dishwasher safe.  Be sure to wipe them off first so your dishwasher isn’t filled with chocolate.  A clean chocolate fountain upon return ensures a refund of the cleaning deposit.
  • Never leave a fountain unattended with household pets: A lot of people don’t realize that chocolate is absolute poison to dogs.
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