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Image for reference only
Actual item may look different

Includes 2 baskets

Provided on castors, floor standing

Propane NOT included



Unit #5 is available for sale – quantity to change without notice

  • Includes 2 Baskets
  • Unit is floor standing on castors
  • 90,000 btu / 5 gal Capacity
  • Propane not included
  • Must be emptied and cleaned of oil prior to return
  • Image for reference only. Actual item may look different

Starting Up:

  1. Connect gas hose to propane tank.
  2. Confirm oil drain valve is closed. Leave door open to light the grill.
  3. Fill fryer with oil (approx. 35 lbs).
  4. Open propane tank slowly. If opened too fast, it can freeze the line.
  5. Set fryer thermostat to minimum setting.
  6. Turn the gas valve to ‘Pilot’ – align with red dot on the side.
  7. Push button to purge air from gas line. May take 1-5 minutes.
  8. Light the pilot locates above drain valve with lighter or long match and hold until pilot stays lit. May take 1-2 minutes.
  9. Turn gas valve to ‘On’ and set thermostat to desired temperature.
  10. Close the front door.

Shut Down:

  1.  Set thermostat to minimum temperature.
  2. Open front door.
  3. Turn gas valve to ‘Pilot’, then depress the knob and turn to ‘Off’ position.
  4. Let the oil cool before connecting the drain pipe located inside the compartment.
  5. Place a metal (NOT plastic or glass) bucket under the drain pipe to catch the oil.
  6. Open drain valve and let oil drain.
  7. Remove drain pipe. Clean and it inside the compartment in the same location as received.
  8. Shut off propane tank and disconnect hose from tank.
  9. Clean fryer.


  • Position fryer on a level surface
  • Slowly open propane tank to prevent compressed gas from “freezing”
  • BEFORE pilot is lit push the start button for 1 – 5 minutes to purge air from the gas line.
  • Light the pilot after the gas has spread through the line.  Be careful.
  • A breeze can blow out the pilot light and may need to be lit again.

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