As everyone begins to look forward to celebrating with family and friends, we wanted to share with you the most popular looks we are forecasting for Thanksgiving 2019! Based on the newest design and industry trends, these looks will keep your tabletop looking fresh for the big day.


Classic Elegant Tone-on-Tone:  For a beautiful classic look, this trend keeps the colors similar to each other–warm beige and cream, gold, and silver–and adds interest in linen texture and in the details of silverware and china pattern.


Warm Reflections: Keep your table looking toasty with she sheen of rich Copper Crush linens and gold-accented china and flatware. Perfect for reflecting holiday candle glow!


Modern Craftsman: Evoke the look of handmade classics with linens reminiscent of hand-woven and hand-beaded fabrics, China featuring a live edge and a modern matte finish, glassware in color tones that reflect an Italian blown-glass palette, and flatware in the warm copper tones used for thousands of years.


New Neutrals: Gray is quickly outpacing black as the favorite neutral color in the design world. This tabletop look celebrates that trend by blending several shades of gray in table linens as well as china, glassware, and flatware. We especially love how the new pewter-toned San Marco flatware looks with this design!


  Timeless, Updated:  Our final design brings a new twist to traditional fall colors of terracotta, walnut brown, copper, and gold. Updated colored stemless wine glasses, trendy copper flatware, and deep brown crinkled taffeta make an elegant bridge between the classic and the modern.

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