coffee percolator 36 cup

Coffee Percolator, 36 cup


SKU: BS21.

Product Description


Operating Instructions:

  1. Remove the cover and basket, make sure the spigot is in the closed position.
  2. Use cold water to fill to the marked water line inside the unit. The automatic brewing cycle is timed to begin with a cold water start.
  3. Do not over fill or under fill.
  4. Wet the basket to keep the coffee particles from sifting through.
  5. Add required amount of coffee to the basket, level grounds, and place on the pump tube.  The
    pump tube must be resting correctly in center well in order for the unit to brew properly.
  6. Place lid on top and turn to lock in place.  The percolator will not operate correctly if the lid isn’t locked.
  7. Plug in the unit to a grounded 120v outlet.  To avoid unnecessary strain on the heating mechanism,
  8. When coffee is done brewing the light will turn red and the percolator will switch to a warm setting.

CAUTION: Keep cover in place during brew cycle because hot water may splash from pump tube.

To wash unit, wait for the unit to cool then scrub the inside with soap and water.  Never put unit in dishwasher or submerge in water.

Suggested Measurements (we all like our coffee differently):

  • 12 cups = 1.25 cups of ground coffee
  • 18 cups = 1.75 cups of ground coffee
  • 24 cups = 2.5 cups of ground coffee
  • 30 cups = 3 cups of ground coffee
  • 36 cups = 3.5 cups of ground coffee
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