40′ x 135′ Frame Tent

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The 40′ wide frame tent series is perfect for large functions.  This covered  space allows your guest  to enjoy a weather protected event.  Pictured to the left is a 40 x 80 frame tent.  This features a maximum seating capacity for 320, but you should always allow space for dancing, entertainment, cocktails and whatever welcome surprises to fulfill your guest expectations.

A 40′ wide frame tent allows you maximum open space before upgrading to a clearspan structure.

The 40′ Wide series of frame tents like all our frame tents is versatile enough to  be installed on many surfaces which besides open grass fields can include, paved and gravel areas and cement patios.   A to Z Party Rentals is looking forward to professionally installing this fabulous tent for you.

40 x 80 Frame structure

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Our 40′ wide frame tents are available in a Gable or Hip end and come in the following sizes:
(other sizes available upon request)

40 x 40  seats 160
40 x 55 seats 220
40 x 60  seats 240
40 x 75 seats 300
40 x 80  seats 320
40 x 95 seats 380
40 x 100 seats 400
40 x 115 seats 460
40 x 120 seats 480
40 x 135 seats 540
40 x 160 seats 640

PRICED ON REQUEST   –  Please contact our sales team to discuss your tenting needs.  We can arrange for a site survey to see what tent can work best for your location.

40 x 80 w\ accessories

Additional options for our tents include:

  • sidewalls
  • pole drapes
  • tent liners
  • flooring
  • lighting
  • staging
  • A/C and Heating
  • AV equipment



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