100′ x 180′ Wide Pole Tent

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A 100′ wide pole tent is ideal for your next large event.  Plenty of space to make this venue memorable.   You can add a dance floor, buffet areas, cocktail tables, bars, staging and lounge furniture areas to just to name a few.


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A Pole tent  features a set of individual poles arranged beneath the vinyl roof to support and define the shape of the structure. The vinyl roof is tensioned over the poles and attached to straps and/or cables at designated spots around the edges. The straps/cables are anchored to the ground using stakes around the perimeter of the tent.


The 100′ wide series of pole tents provides a signficant amount of space for your guest to be comfortable.  A to Z Party Rental is looking forward to professionally installing this fabulous tent for you.


100 x 100 pole tent


Popular 100′ wide pole tents sizes are:
(other sizes available upon request)

100 x 90         100 x 210
100 x 100       100 x 220
100 x 130       100 x 250
100 x 140       100 x 260
100 x 170       100 x 290
100 x 180



PRICED ON REQUEST   –  Please contact our Event Specialists to discuss your tenting needs.  We can arrange for a site survey to see what tent can work best for your location.


Additional options for our tents include:

sidewalls, pole drapes, marquee entrances, french doors,

tent liners, flooring, lighting, staging, air conditioning,

heating, and AV equipment.




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