Barbie-Themed Package



20′ x 20′ Hot Pink Framed Tent (Fully Staked in Grass)
(4) 8′ x 30″ Banquet Tables
(4) 90″ x 156″Light Pink Linens
(4) Hot Pink Satin Runners
(40) White Resin Padded Chairs
(1) Throne Chair



Introducing our Ultimate Pink Party Barbie-themed package, perfect for hosting a princess-worthy celebration!

Whether you’re planning for unannounced guests or accommodating a crowd of up to 40, this package has you covered.

With a spacious 20 x 20-ft tent, 60” round tables, bone folding chairs, and banquet tables, you can easily configure seating for your guests both under the tent and around your property.

Whether they prefer basking in the sun or lounging in the shade near the food and drinks, this setup offers versatility and comfort for every attendee.

The pink Barbie theme isn’t just limited to princess-themed celebrations—it’s versatile enough to elevate a variety of events! From birthday parties to baby showers, bridal showers to corporate events, and even charity fundraisers like Breast Cancer Awareness, the Ultimate Pink Party Barbie package adds a touch of magic and excitement that guests of all ages will enjoy.

Don’t stress about last-minute arrangements or accommodating unexpected guests—rent our Ultimate Pink Party Barbie-themed package and ensure a seamless, unforgettable event for all!

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