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Commonly called an Awning Tent, the pavilion tent is designed to be positioned along another structure. A pavilion tent is an ideal cover for a patio, deck or driveway.


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Product Description

The Pavilion frame tent series is a perfect addition to your party.  It is an ideal frame structure for covering patios and decks or extending space off buildings.   This structure is unique in its design and can be a functional part of an event.


The Pavilion tent, like all our frame tents, is compact enough to be installed on many surfaces including decks, patios pool areas, driveways and attached to other tent structures.   It is designed to be positioned along another structure. It’s self-supporting design and gentle incline allows water to run away from the building.



Pavilion tents come in the following sizes:
(longer sizes available upon request)

14′ x 15′14′ x 23′
14′ x 30′
14′ x 38′
14′ x 45

Although these can be used for seating, they are best
suited and utilized for cocktail type events.



PRICED ON REQUEST   –  Please contact our Event Specialists to discuss your tenting needs.  We can arrange for a site survey to see what tent can work best for your location.


pavilion tent on patio



Additional options for our tents include:

sidewalls, pole drapes, marquee entrances, french doors,
tent liners, concrete weights, flooring, lighting, staging, air conditioning, heating, and AV equipment.








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