Platinum Series Portable Restroom


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Our most elegant option, the Platinum restroom trailer comes fully equipped with a fully controllable climate control system so you can adjust the internal temperature to best accommodate your guest’s needs.

Elegant portable restrooms aren’t complete without proper audio equipment.

Your guests can remain entertained and use our upscale portable restrooms in peace because our Platinum luxurious temporary restrooms have a high-quality surround sound system custom fitted into them.

They all come equipped with like-new porcelain toilets and urinals which have a nonporous surface for minimizing exposure to bacteria and giving the restroom a more modern look and feel.

That means your elegant portable restrooms will be more sanitary, require less servicing, and stay dry for longer.

Besides just looking more comfortable, the Platinum restroom trailer has porcelain sinks that are all fitted with variable temperature running water valves. That means a better end-user experience and will allow your guests to freshen up properly no matter the outside temperature.

Platinum luxurious temporary restrooms have a tank capacity of up to 450 gallons of water which easily serves several hundred guests.

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