Proofing Oven Elec.


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This versatile, full height unit is great for keeping hot foods at the perfect temperature to serve at a moment’s notice!  It has an output of 1440W and requires a 120V electrical connection. In heat mode, this model operates between 80 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit; in proof mode, it operates between 85 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit at 30-100% humidity. Will not cook food, only used to keep food warm.


Accommodates full size and half size sheet/bun pans with 1.5″ spacing. Sheet pans not included, but available at an additional charge.

66.5″ tall x 21.7″ wide x 31.7″ deep with door closed or 51.9″ deep with door open

For Instructions: Avantco Electric Proofing Cabinet Manual



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