This year’s holiday season may look a little different, but nurturing family bonds has never been more important. A to Z is here to help you celebrate with style safely.

As the weather turns cool, many families are planning to keep their holiday celebrations safely outdoors, with the added comfort and protection of our tents with side walls and professional heating. How does it work? Although you do need walls on the tent to contain the heating, our professional tent heaters sit outside the tent and blow in 100% heated fresh air. They can also be used to bring in fresh air without any heat. This brings you the air flow and circulation that is so important for health and safety. Our walls come in several options that let sunlight in and allow your guests to admire the view: half-clear, full-clear, or Cathedral window shaped clear panels. No matter how large or small the celebration, you can easily expand your space to fit the occasion. Tents aren’t just for lawns, you can fully or partially cover your patio, your driveway, or even expand your garage.

What about personalizing the look of your celebration? We have ideas for you! Whether you are cooking at home or enjoying delivery from your favorite restaurant, we have some inspired looks for your holiday tables. Even with the current restrictions on gatherings, your Thanksgiving doesn’t have to look like the same old Thursday night dinner. You can easily make this year special with our new individually wrapped and sealed, elegant Holiday Tablescape Packages. A to Z makes it easy to make great memories!

16x24 frame tent for restaurant seating  pavilion tent TFR  20x40 frame tent  20x30 frame tent cafe walls  40x frame tent  16x frame tent             

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