We often get clients who have a creative personal vision of how they want their event to look. For this client, the event was a late summer/early autumn wedding. The client wanted an outdoor wedding featuring a lot of color and detail, going from noon to nighttime. The first challenge was placement of the very large wedding tent on a farm venue property. We needed to do an extensive site review to determine how large of a tent we could fit there, at what angle, and in what area.

The bride wanted to have a completely clear tent, as well as a full floor installed. However, since this was an early fall afternoon wedding, a fully clear tent would have captured and magnified the afternoon sun and been far too hot for the guests. Additionally, since the site was a farm, the ground was not smooth turf, and had a lot of bumps and troughs, making a full floor very difficult and expensive. We suggested a compromise that worked out beautifully: two clear sections in the center of the large tent, with a large dance floor placed under only the clear-top sections.

The bride was also having a cocktail reception and rehearsal dinner the evening before. She was looking for a smaller, more intimate space for this. We solved this by attaching a smaller separate tent to the end of the main tent. Then they were also able to use that area for food stations during the wedding dinner.

Additionally, we were able to streamline the needs of the caterer by delivering field ovens and other equipment, as well as providing them with a nearby yet out-of-view area to prepare food. This was connected by a tented, lighted walkway, so that the servers were able to bring and clear away the various courses.

For the ceremony itself, of course the bride wanted a beautiful backdrop view. We assisted this by suggesting a patio on the property, removing the furniture, and supplying and arranging chairs in an arc formation. There was plenty of room for comfortable seating and a great view of the ceremony. We were happy to help this couple celebrate their wedding exactly as they wished!

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