At A to Z Party Rental, re-use is at the heart of our company, and we are proud to help our customers make their events more sustainable.

In addition to creating beautiful, easy, memorable events, here are a few of the ways that renting re-usable tableware will help you to be environmentally proactive:

  • Conservation: Manufacturing disposable goods requires wood, and much of it doesn’t come from sustainably managed forests. Few paper plates are made from recycled materials.
  • Pollutants: Most paper plates are bleached white–chlorine compounds are ranked among the most hazardous industrial chemicals.
  • Zero Recyclability: Because used paper plates are contaminated with food residue and grease, they cannot be recycled (same for napkins).
  • Greenhouse Gases: In the United States, landfills (where used paper plates end up) are the third largest source of methane, the most potent of the greenhouse gases.

You make a positive impact on the environment every time you choose rental products for your events. Call us—at A to Z Party Rental, every day is Earth Day!

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