Three Ways to Bring Social Distancing to the Workplace

Not all employees can work remotely. For those who remain on-site and those who return to the workplace as we begin to reopen, changes in workplace processes and design will help provide the social distancing they need to stay safe.  A to Z Party Rental can help you create a safe environment and protect your employees and guests by expanding your space overnight.

We offer customized tenting solutions that will accommodate your unique property size, shape, and surface. We have a variety of tent types and sizes to complement your preferred building entrances and exits; climate control is also an available option. Our stanchions and barricades can be used to create one-way-traffic areas for employees to enter and exit the building safely.

1. Tented Break Areas


How to encourage social distancing at breaks or at lunchtime?

The first thing you need to do is create spaces for employees to separate.

Break the bad habit of break room congregation with a pop-up tented break area. Place fewer guests per table and spread your tables as far as you like, because A to Z offers tenting in all sizes.

If your property has a staff cafeteria that would be difficult to move or duplicate, we can offer you creative customized seating ideas that will create increased space between employees. For example, our narrow “classroom-style” tables are only 18 inches wide, enabling you to seat guests on one side only so that no one is sitting across from one another, yet you can fit more tables into the dining area.

For additional protection, our industry partner PlexiScreens is creating custom clear acrylic dividers and sneeze guards. These can be used to separate empolyee seating at break room tables, yet allow people to sit together. They will be shipping throughout the United States.

2. Thermal Screening and Testing

The new recommendations require all employee screening to be done outside of the building. This can be arranged in many ways, such as a large tent covering a snaking waiting line, a tented straight line along a sidewalk, or a combination of the two.

Our tents come in many sizes to meet the needs of your staff size. We also offer various crowd flow options, such as stanchions or barricades, to help you create a safe waiting environment under the tent.

Our marquee style tents cover (or create!) a straight walkway for staff waiting in line to be screened, while also remaining 6 feet apart. They are avilable in sizes of 9’  x 20′ or 9’ x 100’.  As with all tenting, side walls and climate control are available options.

3. Temporary Overflow Space

With the need to spread out all types of work spaces inside, utilize a temporary tent for additional production space or work stations to spread out employees. Tenting can also handle overflow items from rooms in your building that you need to temporarily repurpose, but wish to keep accessible on your property. We can customize these solutions, and climate control options are available.

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