Linen! Linen is one of the most important foundation pieces that guides the look and feel of your special event, and one of the first things you’ll need to decide on during your event planning process. It helps set the emotional mood of the room and signals the formality level of the event.


So where should you start with renting linen? Well the best place would be to look at your rental company’s website. See the different types (round, rectangular, runners, sashes, napkins…) and fabric styles and colors that they offer on their linen page. Once you find something you like, it is always advisable to make an appointment to go in and look at the linen in person. Most rental companies will have swatches of all the linen they carry. When planning your trip, we recommend that you gather a few essential pieces of information to take along.


  • What size tables are you looking to cover?

While your sales person will be well versed in standard table sizes, it is always best to not guess at the measurements. If the tables are your own, be sure to write down the measurements before your visit. If your event is at a venue, the venue coordinator most certainly will be able to let you know. And if you need to rent tables from the rental company, no problem!


  • How would you like the linen to hang? To the floor, halfway down, or in between?

While it is traditional at formal events like weddings for a cloth to touch the floor, there are many options that can be explored! If you are having a graduation party outdoors, maybe something a little shorter so your guests won’t trip would work better. For taller pedestal-style tables, extra-long cloths are often used and cinched with a contrasting sash, allowing the cloth to gracefully pool on the floor.


  • How many tables?

This just helps give us a visual idea of your event space and how creative we can get! Maybe you would like to alternate two or more linen colors throughout the room. Or, consider a statement color or fabric for a few VIP tables, and compelte your event’s look with a coordinating solid color.


Don’t be discouraged if you find out that the linen you picked is not available in the size that fits your table–all linen is not  created equal, sometimes a particular fabric style may not be available in the correct size to reach the floor on the tables you are using, or vice versa, it may pool on the floor when you don’t want it to. We recommend using creative solutions to getting that linen you love—use a solid-color base layer, and add runners, overlays, napkins, or chair sashes!


The single best bet for getting the exact size you need is solid colors. Most rental companies can offer you up to a hundred different shades. Once you have a solid-color base layer that reaches the floor, you can then use a slightly smaller specialty linen on top as an overlay. Table runners and chair sashes on top of a contrasting solid cloth bring an upscale look to your tables while keeping things cost effective. And napkins are just about the perfect little touch anywhere they are put!


Download our PDF: Linen Drop Chart

Check out all of the available linen on our website: Linen Rental

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