Geometric Gold Arch


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Angles always add an interesting touch and the size and design style of our Geometric Arch makes for a very impressive backdrop setting!  This wedding and event arch is 8′ tall by 10′ wide and has a double metal frame, making it super easy to add florals, greenery, lights, hanging candle holders or balloons.  Supporting the arch are 2 feet, each 23 3/4″ x 16″ and all of the pieces are made from 1″ hollow channel tubing.  There are 5 sections that bolt together and the span from the front frame to the back frame is 8″ with a 6″ gap in between. Under the arch, the span between the feet is 52.5″ (4′ 4.5″). The finish is smooth and has a glittery gold sparkle; just enough twinkle for a stylish backdrop!


The pentagon shape of Ada creates a unique frame for photographing people, enhancing scenic shots and of course, setting the perfect stage for special ceremonies.  Be subtle or make a major statement; either way, it’s easy to attach silk flower sprays or wrap the frames with faux greenery vines or huge leaf garlands.  It’s so easy to add on string lights, beaded crystal strands, butterfly garlands, tulle or balloons.  Placing some florals on the back frame and some on the front gives even more dimension to this geometric arch backdrop.

Assembly:  Assembling on the ground with 2 people works best.  1 person can screw in the bolts while the other holds the frame at the proper angle to obtain a snug fit. Total assembly time is 20 minutes and you can hand tighten the bolts but it’s best to use a socket wrench. Make sure the feet (base sections) are positioned as shown in the photo (with the narrower edge facing the inner part of the arch). Attach 1 angled section to each foot then flip them on their sides.  With a helper holding one end of a straight section, bolt it to the completed angled section. Repeat on the other side.  Attach the remaining straight section to complete the arch.  When upright, the interior distance between the feet should be 52 1/2″.

Base Weights: Many customers like to add weight to the bases for increased stability.  Some suggestions are to use sandbags or bricks, and you can hide them with fabric, florals or greenery.

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