Charcoal Grill


Select charcoal box AND either the grate or rotisserie option

Charcoal is not provided.  Instructions below.

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For the barbequer who prefers charcoal to gas, this is an excellent choice to serve a large crowd.  The charcoal box is 5′ x 2′ and movable on castors.  However, once you have it lit you don’t want to move the grill until it’s cooled down.


For use outdoors only.  Be sure to select either the grate or rotisserie options or you’ll only receive the box to hold the charcoal.  This grill holds 30-40 pounds of charcoal briquettes.


The rotisserie can be used in stead of the grates.  Keep the motor unplugged until the rotisserie is completely setup, loaded and balanced.  Be sure to load the spit before lighting the charcoal.  Cook time will vary depending on the weight of the food and temperature of the coals.


For complete instructions on how to operate the charcoal grill select either of these links:  Charcoal Grill Instructions      Rotisserie Instructions


  • Spray grates with vegetable oil to keep food from sticking
  • Add 10-15lbs of charcoal per hour when grilling
  • Keep a spray bottle of water nearby to reduce flame ups while cooking
  • Do not place pots or pans on top of the grates or charcoal briquettes
  • Grates and box can be cleaned with soap and water after they have cooled down.
  • Do not pour water into a hot grill to clean or cool the grill.  This will damage the metal.
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