It’s still cold out, but we’re thinking Spring!


If you’re planning a wedding or other event, whether for this year or the future, you’ll want to be on trend and yet express your own personal style. One way to do that, and this works for any season, is just by looking at the year’s current color trends, and then putting your own personal twist on things. Here are a few great ideas on How To Do It Differently for Spring!


The Trend: Dark colors, like emerald and navy, are still among the most popular.


Your Twist: If you love these deep colors, keep them in your event palette, but as a foundation. You may not want to dress all of your bridesmaids in Forest Green for an April or May wedding, and a tone this deep does not make a great “pop of color”. But you can still have these lovely classic tones play a major role by repeating them often throughout your decor. Using them as a base linen with a lighter overlay is a great way to do this!


pedestal high top bistro table with leaf velvet linen underlay



The Trend: Combinations of bold, fiery colors, like crimson and orange, are popping up in event palettes everywhere.


Your Twist: If you love the look but feel it’s not right for a spring event, take one of the colors and lighten it up a bit. For example, for the event below, we kept the reds but lightened up the orange–but we didn’t go all the way to a pastel such as peach. You can personalize your event by choosing your favorite tones in between the bold and the pastel, think tangerine or melon.


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