As we approach November, Thanksgiving is once again just around the corner.  Thanksgiving is a time of the year for many families to reconnect. But it can also be a very stressful time. Add in the preparation of a large family meal and guests at your home and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an overwhelming situation.  We are here to help you with some coping tips:


  •  The first step: Determine what time you’ll hold your dinner, let everyone know, and get a confirmed guest count.
  • Decide on a menu. Write it down!
  • When guests ask if they can bring something, check your menu and ask them to bring something you need. Then, cross it off your list!
  • Now that you know how many guests will be there and what the menu will be, decide whether you want to serve from a buffet or as a family-style dinner with passed dishes. With larger groups, it’s usually easiest to seat people at several small tables and have one buffet. A to Z Party Rental can help with table and chair rentals, buffet tables, linens, and even warming chafers, serving utensils, and coffee percolators!
  • Don’t forget the young ones–A to Z has kid-sized tables and chairs, as well as booster seats, that will keep the kids comfortable in their own space.
  • Consider renting linens, china, and glassware to complete the look of your Thanksgiving dinner. Gold-rimmed elegance? Rustic slice chargers? Casual, classic fare? Linens in unexpected rich colors that showcase your personal style and home decor? Whether you are looking to create a specific mood, or you just don’t have enough plates for all of your guests, we have you covered!

Stay tuned next week for printable day-by-day tips to keep you on track during the holiday week!


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