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Zubri Patio Heater


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Product Description

The Zubri patio heater is unlike any other.  It collapses to its own hard-shell carrying case, no tools are necessary to assemble, and can fit inside most vehicles.  Assembly is easy and quick.


Patio heaters are only as efficient as the weather permits.  On a calm day heat will reach approximately 10′ around the heater.  Wind can impact that distance and blow out the flame.  Be sure to have a stick lighter with you to light the propane when it reaches the top of the heater.

A 20 lb. propane tank is rented separately.

40,000 Btu/hour maximum; adjustable heat control

To assemble:

  1. Place the carrying case where you’d like the heater to be positioned
  2. Remove the main body from the case and lay flat on the ground.
  3. Remove the 3 legs and attached the “b” portion to the main body.
  4. Attach propane regulator and hose to the main body.
  5. Attached the propane tank stand to the three legs
  6. Tilt the top of the main body to attach the reflector
  7. Stand the unit up on the 3 legs.
  8. Connect the propane regulator to the propane tank and slowly open the tank.
  9. Light heater using the switch or stick lighter.
  10. Once lit, attach the skirt to the leg portion of the heater.
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