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Includes 2 microphones, a speaker, and a book of discs (see below).

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Product Description

Discs Included:

Super Hits, Pop Female, Pop Male, Country Female, Country Male, Country Classics, Country Legends, Country Hits 6, R&B Male, R&B Female, Soft Pop, Dance Remix, Dance Remix 4, Dance Remix 3, Acoustic Gold, Americana, Classic Rock, Broadway, Oldies, Oldies 2, Oldies 4, Christmas Songs, Country HIts, Super Hits 2, Super Hits 3, Super Hits 4, Super Hits 7, Super Hits 8 , Super Hits 9, Super Hits 10, Super Hits 11, Super Hits 13, Super Hits 14, Super Hits 15, Super Hits 16, Standards 2, Kids Songs, 1900’s Vol I, 1990’s Volume II, High School Musical, High School Musical II,, Teen Hits Vol 3.

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