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Hot Dog Rollers


Available for a count of 25 or 50 hot dogs

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Product Description

Whether you want to cook your hot dogs or keep them warm, the hot dog rollers are a convenient and friendly serve yourself option.  Place the thawed hot dogs evenly along the roller and turn on the heat and motor.  Adjust the heat as needed.


For instruction on proper operations click here: Hot Dog Roller Instructions


To clean the rollers be sure all hot dogs are removed and the rollers have cooled to a warm temperature.  If the rollers are already cool turn the heat to a low level.  Using a damp cloth with soap wipe the rollers as they turn.  Be careful to keep the heat low so you don’t burn yourself.   Never use steel wool or Brillo pads as they will scratch the unit.  To clean the grease tray turn off the unit and pull the tray forward.  Clean with soap and water.

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25 Count, 50 Count

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