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Anyone can be a master and making cotton candy.  Just be ready to pour some sugar and collect the flowing candy, fast!  Simply fill the head of the machine with floss (sold separately), flip a switch, control the heat and collect the flowing cotton candy on a paper cone (sold separately).  The plastic bubble is not required to operate the machine but is helpful to contain some of the flying floss.


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Before the start of your event, please become familiar with the setup and operation of the machine.  If you have any questions please call us, our staff can assist you with instructions on proper use in advance of the day of your event.   We don’t provide refunds on equipment that is fully functional but wasn’t properly operated at the time of use.


  • Keep the bubble on the machine to control the flow of cotton candy.
  • If the sugar starts to smoke, lower the heat.
  • If the heat is too high it will cause to floss to break apart, if it’s too low it will be gritty.
  • Have your cones separated and ready to collect the cotton candy.
  • The quantity of floss containers depends on how full you cover the cone.
  • Don’t touch the spinner inside the head of the machine, ouch!
  • When cleaning rinse the bowl and netting with warm water.  Shake out the excess sugar from the head of the machine but do not wash or submerge in water. We’ll handle cleaning that section.
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