You’ve spent months planning a day that can’t be repeated. There are no do-overs. Have you prepared yourself for all weather conditions? Rain is the most obvious unwelcome addition to an outdoor event, but what about excessive heat, cold, wind or hurricane? No one can predict Mother Nature’s exact mood but we can guess. What if your guess is too late to do anything about? We’re not trying to rain on your parade; we want your event to be a huge success with the least amount of stress. So while you’re planning for the perfect location, number of guests, color linen or music list, here are some other methods to be prepared for Mother Nature’s plans.


• Talk About It

Don’t just plan on the day being perfect. Don’t take the position of “we will deal with it when it happens.” Talk through with your loved ones what the possible scenarios could be and what options you have now, vs. then, to handle them.


• Prepare Your Budget

No one wants to spend money on “What if?”. However, it’s vital that anyone planning an event does just that. There are many items that come to light as the event day approaches. Set aside some of your budget for those items. It’s a win-win. If you don’t use it, you now have some extra cash.


• Reserve in Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare. There is a wedding season, and vendors are booked. If you wait too long you may not have any options available to you.


• Can you move indoors?

If rain is predicted, snow…hail…can your venue accommodate all of your guests indoors? If not, you need to prepare in advance on how to handle the potential situation.


• You have your tent, now what?

Have you considered air conditioning or fans for the warm weather, heat for the cold weather, tent walls, flooring…


• Murphy’s Law

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, so be prepared for surprises.


We are here to help as your trusted event advisors, helping you think through these complex event logistics. A to Z has seen most situations multiple times and has a robust inventory of items that will

help you navigate your unique solution. Contact us today to speak with an advisor.



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