The Philadelphia area has had some wacky weather patterns this year. If you’re like us, you are longing for the day to welcome family and friends to the great outdoors of your backyard.

  farm table row seating


  • Gone are the days of the folding metal chairs from your church banquet hall. You’re too sophisticated for that! Here are four outdoor chair options that won’t break your budget but will impress your family and friends. Be the talk of the town and the envy of the neighborhood! Where is he storing all of this stuff, they might ask? Conveniently at the A to Z warehouse, you may answer!
    • That metal folding chair has been replaced by its lighter, stronger brother! Our basic folding chair adds flair without breaking the bank. It is available in bone or in black-and-chrome. The all-white version is also a perfect fit your all-white party or weddings.
    • Resin folding chairs can elevate the experience. Select from solid black or solid white, each of which comes with a slightly padded seat.
    • One of the most popular outdoor chairs is the fan-back padded chair. This is a resin chair with a slightly curved seat and back that our customers say is one of our most comfortable.
    • Or, go over the top with trendy cross-back farm chairs. These are a Philadelphia planner’s favorite, and are being used for rustic events of all types.
  • Utilize some of the latest items to create an eclectic but flowing look featuring the latest décor trends. Natural-toned seating and chargers connect with the outdoors and bring an earthy feel. Keep your guests shaded and comfortable with patio umbrella tables, and use our colorful outdoor umbrella linens designed to accommodate the upright pole. Go with the classic look and select a checkered outdoor linen in your desired color scheme, or play it safe with an elegant solid-colored linen. Feeling more daring? Tap into one of 2018’s hottest outdoor trends and go bold with neon umbrella table linens!
  • When planning an outdoor event, we recommend going with nature and not working against it, although contrast can be nice as mentioned with the neon tablecloths above. Rustic charger plates provide a touch of elegance to your tabletop while still keeping it casual for your guests. They are also incredibly durable.
  • Throw out the paper plates and host a backyard BBQ with class… and do the Earth a favor in the process. Complete your look with casual china and modern glassware that is both lightweight and durable. At the end of the night, there’s virtually no cleanup when you rent. Just rinse, and return. We’re all about going green this summer, rent and rinse for a greener event!

There you have it, a backyard barbecue that even Martha Stewart would be proud of. Don’t even get us started on tents!

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